Our Customers Are Talking

I have found my tech guru to be a tremendous wealth of knowledge and information. I would recommend a business relationship to anyone. Thanks, My Tech Guru!

S.B.S., Tennessee

Very helpful. It helped me to know not to be afraid to do something. . . it won’t be too hard to repair most problems.

Becky Wilson, Canadian Texas ISD

I just wanted to say I really appreciate the high quality of follow-up support you offer with your product. It is a new experience with me having someone stand behind their product and actually care about what the customer needs.  It is like a breath of fresh air in this business of take…take…take.

Thomas Duer, Moore Center Services, Inc., New Hampshire

I’d just like to express my thanks and gratitude for having such a great technician from My Tech Guru working for you!  He’s been a very good resource for information, plus, his technical knowledge and resources at hand have helped us . . . in several ways.  He’s always prompt and courteous and if he’s running late, he calls and re-schedules.  He’s bright and eager to help and I don’t think the word ‘NO’ is in his repertoire.  It’s always a pleasure to work with someone as personable and with the skills required to GET THE JOB DONE while keeping his clients happy.

George Gonzales, Siemens Desktop Support

My Tech Guru has always taken care of my hardware problems in a quick and concise manner. I would recommend them to anyone.

Randy Grubbs, Verizon Field Support

They were sent on a Clark Construction total network setup. They did an excellent job. So excellent that the site wants them to do all of their site configurations, no matter how small. My Tech Guru has definitely made my life easier in the California area.

Scott Saunders, Clark Construction

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