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We provide service and training for these printer brands:

HP Printer Repair | HP Printer Repair Training

Lexmark Printer Repair | Lexmark Printer Repair Training

Xerox Printer Repair | Xerox Printer Repair Training

Tektronix Printer Repair | Tektronix Printer Repair Training

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About My Tech Guru

My Tech Guru was launched in August of 2001 by Brad J. Barton. Following the crash of the dot coms, and the decline of the tech industry, we saw a need for affordable, high quality technical services. We created and implemented our own set of standards, and developed cutting-edge technical training that allowed rapid advancement through the learning curve. In 2004 we packaged our training developments and began providing cost effective training to businesses, educational institutions, government facilities, and individuals.

Microsoft Certified

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer | Printer Repair Training

Dell Certified

Dell Certified Systems Expert | Laser Printer Service

HP Certified

HP Partner

HP SP Certified | HP Printer Service

Lexmark Partner

Lexmark Partner | Lexmark Printer Repair

My Tech Guru has provided outsourced technical services for a variety of clients such as Verizon, Sprint, Siemens, Toshiba, Fujitsu, The Social Security Administration, Office Depot, Clark Construction, and global service providers such as Logical Maintenance Solutions, and Image One to name a few.

Brad spent several years during the 1980's and 90's working in sales management and sales training for corporate America. During that time, Brad trained thousands of sales people from coast to coast.

In 1996 Brad pioneered online software sales by starting Speedy Software. This online software portal grew to include computer hardware and local onsite service, as well as early versions of online certification training. With an expanded business plan, Speedy Software became My Tech Guru in 2001. was sold in 2004.

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Do It Yourself Printer Repair | Printer Service Manual

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In-House Printer Maintenance & Repair Training | Printer Repair Manual

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Note: HP, Hewlett Packard, LaserJet and images of HP printers shown on this web site are trademarks of the Hewlett Packard Corporation. Lexmark is a trademark of Lexmark International. Xerox and Tektronix are trademarks of the Xerox Corporation. My Tech Guru is the sole author of the content on this site and not affiliated with HP, Lexmark or Xerox. The information contained on this web site is based on the experience of My Tech Guru personnel. It does not replace the manufacturer's service manual or repair guidelines. You should always consult the manufacturer's service manual prior to working on any printer, adhere to all safety precautions detailed by the manufacturer, and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for diagnosing and completing any repair.


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