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Low-Cost High-Performance Dedicated Servers

This option is good for customers who do not want to buy or manage servers.  We will provide and manage the hardware, so you can focus on your applications.

Pricing starts at $162 per month for a full featured Dell server with everything you need to run your applications fast and efficiently.  Turn up is fast and easy, so you can be on-line with your service within 24 hours.

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Up To 20X Faster

With each second delay spent loading your site, the likelihood your visitors will find their information or make a purchase elsewhere increases. Google even ranks slower sites lower in their search rankings according to an Aberdeen Group study, just a 1-second page load delay can cause a:

  • 7% decrease in your conversion rate
  • 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction
  • 11% fewer page views

Don’t fall victim to a slow host. Our Turbo servers provide a drop-in Apache replacement that loads pages up to 20X faster compared to standard hosting. What makes our Turbo servers so fast?

  • Fewer users per server
  • Hosted on fast SSD’s
  • Handles connections faster and more efficiently
  • Provides enhanced stability

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